The Studio of Excellence Award is given by participating ADCC member competitions to a studio of their choice that best exemplifies the values of The ADCC, which include working together and striving for excellence.


Explore Movement is honored to have received the Studio of Excellence Award from the ADCC. Every day our company focuses on the importance of team work, dedication, and a passion for dance. Our teachers and students work together to create art that represents ourselves and the world we live in today. We thrive to help our students to become the best version of themselves. This award represents all of these things that we work toward in the studio that shine in our dancers on the stage. Thank you Backstage Competition and the ADCC for recognizing our company! Thank you parents, family & friends for all of your support! Most of all, thank you to our company members for your commitment and drive! We are proud of everything that you have already achieved this season and we can't wait to see what comes next. It is a blessing to know and work with all of you as you grow and set your dreams into motion!  

Jackie & Janine

2021-2022 Season

2020-2021 Season