Company Technique Classes

Explore Movement Dance Company ​creates a professional environment for dancers with a focus on technique and expression through movement. Our strong focus on ballet and exposure to all forms of dance provide students with a well-rounded education. The process of learning with Explore Movement Dance Company includes the foundations of dance technique and vocabulary as well as an understanding of the creative process from the studio to the stage. 


Based on clearly defined positions of the body, a formal dance technique, known for its grace and beauty. Ballet requires tremendous discipline and strength acquired through repetition and dedication. 


Jazz classes are built a foundation of technique, strength,  and flexibility.  There are many different styles of jazz dance, but they all consist of precise, grounded, isolated, and strong movement with a high energy to match the jazz style music. 


Modern Dance is a highly expressive and creative form of dance. This technique has mainly African and ethnic dance foundations that have developed through history with an eastern influence. Modern dance explores a wide range of movement to a variety of musical styles. Classes include improvisational techniques and partnering.


Tap technique consists of strong, isolated footwork. Rhythm tap focuses on musicality and improvisation, while Broadway tap more presentational. Both use advanced footwork and rhythm to help students learn musical structure and tap vocabulary. 


Contemporary dance combines the many technical elements of classical ballet, jazz, and modern dance. Contemporary breaks the defined guidelines of other styles and allows for fluidity, invention, and more expression.



Hip hop is a high energy, precise style of dance made popular by street dance artists. This technique grew along side the hip hop style of music in America with strong influences of African and jazz dance. Classes focus on the development of hip hop vocabulary such as, popping, locking, breaking, and isolations. 



Also known as "Broadway dance", Musical Theater developed alongside jazz dance and is a popular form of stage dance. With a focus on character-driven movement, exaggeration, and athleticism, this technique has evolved to include jazz, ballet, tap, and modern dance.